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1.    How to send card from Bigecards?
Browse to the different categories on our ecard. Select the image description you like. Click on the hyperlink to be able to view in full-screen of the ecard. Fill up the following field(s):

To – Key in the name and email address of the recipient

From – Key in your name and email address

Greetings – Type in your personalized messages.

Send - Click the "Send the Bigecards"

2.    How do I know if my ecard was sent successfully?
The ecard that you sent usually take within an hour to reach the recipient. Kindly ensure that you key email address correctly to enable your intended recipient to receive it. If unsuccessful delivery, you may click again the ecard description and click "Send the Big ecards".

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4.   To opt-out from Bigecards.com club newsletter
To unsubscribe, please click the "Opt-Out from Bigecards.com club" which is located at the home page. Please note that to unsubscribe, please use the same email address you used to subscribe to enable us to successfully process your request.

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